Professional Identity & Vision


Design should assist to enjoy life. Everyone in this world should be able to enjoy their life in their own way. The interpretation of happiness is different for everyone. The key concept to reach this goal is for people to behave in a socially healthy way. Every participant in society has the obligation to give at certain times and to take at other times. This means that people have to take care of themselves and each other to reach greatest personal happiness, in such a way that it is not at the expense of someone else’s happiness. An exemplary element of such a society is that everyone can be who they are or want to be without being oppressed or intimidated. 

Design should contribute to the happiness of people’s lives by creating valuable experiences. Every design object has to better the life of its user, by upgrading a regular experience. This can be interpreted in various ways. Design can make things easier, faster, prettier or more fun or effective. 

I value both my right and the right of others to enjoy life. For me, fulfillment comes from observing ingeniousness, smart designs and figuring out how something works. This can vary from the structure of a city to the growth of my basil plant. I store all these observations in my mind and use them during ideation and realization phases. This is connected to me living in the present, being a strongly cognitive person and preferring physical experiences over digital. As a designer, I value my intuition greatly, even though it is not always immediately explicable. 

My primary objective as a designer is to create experiences for people which they can enjoy. I do this by constantly keeping a comprehensive overview of my design process, focusing on every detail and step. My ‘giving’ in this world is to create things for people with a wow-effect. My ‘taking’ is observing details, appreciating these and using it as inspiration to create and give again. 

I am a designer that wants to enjoy life and to let others enjoy their lives in their own way by creating experiences and ingenious designs that make life more pleasant and practical.